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Front man Stuart authentically emulates the look and sound of Bryan Adams, while the band reproduce all of his numerous hits to perfection from his early rock songs to his current ballads.In recent years an ITV documentary about the group entitled ' Cover their Tracks' was broadcast at peak viewing time and showed just how close to the real thing they can get.They are also shown holding intense and often painful sessions with their religious mentors, individual monks assigned to guide each of them on their spiritual journeys.At the end of one of these sessions, Mr Burke, his voicing breaking with emotion, confessed his feelings in a video-diary entry.Don't miss King Of Pop - The Legend Continues as Navi brilliantly recreates all the magical classics from the early Jackson 5 songs to mega-hits such as Thriller and Smooth Criminal in a night out the whole family will enjoy.Book your tickets now or call Dundee City Box Office on 01382 434940 On Sunday 4th June at 2pm our Little Stars take to the stage in "The Enchanted Garden" and a beautiful Nutcracker performance. Book your tickets now or call Dundee City Box Office on 01382 434940 June 5th and 6th at 7pm pupils from the Yvonne Gray Dance Studios are sure to delight in Tales as Old As Time in their dance adaptation of Beauty and the Beast and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The pair remained close and Navi was often hired to act as Michael's decoy/body double due to his uncanny resemblance to the star.He is also the only tribute ever to be chosen by Michael Jackson himself.Michael selected Navi to perform at two of his birthday parties and actually gave him a standing ovation.Five men, ranging from an atheist in the pornography trade to a former Protestant paramilitary, have found their lives unexpectedly transformed in the latest incarnation of reality television - the monastery.Although participants were not required to vote each other out, they faced the challenge of living together in a community and following a disciplined regime of work and prayer.DOWNFIELD MUSICAL SOCIETY YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE PROUDLY PRESENT THESE CLASSIC DISNEY SHOWS IN ON PRODUCTION - EACH SHOW BACK TO BACK WITH AN INTERVAL IN BETWEEN Book your tickets now or call Dundee City Box Office on 01382 434940 King Of Pop -The Legend Continues...

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