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Let us look at the whois info, to start with: is one of the Boonex major sites).Registrant: Yulia Sivtsova mikroraion Asanbay d.2 kv.54 Bishkek 720060 Kyrgyzstan Nice, is not it?Gilbert [email protected] DOLPHIN ARE FRIENDS OF SKADATE ALSO KNOWN AS SCAMDATE AND KYRGIZ SCAMMERS!!! Boonex states that it is a US-based company, which is A TOTAL LIE!(If you are a man who somehow still haven't heard anything about Scamdate, read just to be in the picture).and got the basic navigation all set I find out why this is such a cheap program. If everything worked great, and this was a stellar program it might be worth the money. But considering that the cost of Boonex will surpass them anyway - it's worth a try. I must admit, from first glance, and for those who are used to geocities, and angelfire, Dolphin would present several problems.The fee to have the logo removed didn't turn me off, per se. (However, the 00 all inclusive support package does piss me off.) It wasn't until after I spent three days getting to know the program and doing all my setups that I realize - I have a really nice looking DATABASE. A nice looking screen to show off the members profiles. But let's face it, at best it's a mediocre program. I have personally been using dolphin for several years now, not only a user of dolphin i am also a hosting service provider who hosts this application.Dolphin 5.0 offers a set of functional features counting to over 300.

Rainforest is the single most important contributor to the lifeline of the entire planet Earth - oxygen and moisture. Many people dream about living on a few hectares in the country and growing their own food.

Got my graphics all constructed; set my boilerplate "about us", "privacy" etc. You will probably want a module for Groups, Classifieds, Video, etc. The only problem is that these modules cost from anywhere from - each; they are made by third parties; and most are single-site licenses only. But overall, expect to be spending a bunch of money.) By the time you add up the cost of all the stuff (that's needed or worthwhile), you will easily hit 0 or more.

But after the Paiment was done,, the Support changes to a sellsman. I've had the site up an running for a couple of days now.

I think that perhaps no big deal to get you where you need to be.

so drop us an email if you still want to get things working.

We are software developers, and work with the Boonex software.

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