Wtmp not updating


When examining the different logging mechanisms, have in mind the intended use of the logged data, the volume of data being logged, any post-processing that may need to be done, etc.

Log files are more useful when they contain a complete record of server activity.

(If you have configured log files in your directive.If it is found, the timestamp of the last time the user logged in, the terminal line, and the hostname are written to the stan- dard output (provided the login is not "quiet"; see login(1)).The login(1) program then records the new login time in the lastlog file.Each man page comes with the following information: - Name of the command with its short description - A SYNOPSIS of that command and its usage - A description of the command - List of different options associated with that command - List of different configuration files associated with the command If you specify any section then man pages only look for that section our manual.Now, the question occurs here is how we generally exit from man page when we have finished viewing the same.These manual pages are easily accessed with any terminal in Linux by simply typing man program-name.

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