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The average Australian is working more hours than ever before.

With our fast-paced lifestyle and modern technology, we are spoilt for choice and expect results quickly.

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He argues that, with the new science of evolutionary developmental biology (evo devo), it may be possible to take that theory to a new level - to do more than explain what has evolved in the past, and start to predict what might evolve in the future.

There is another documentary (PBS), on the same topic, titled What Darwin Never Knew.

Engineering is a fascinating field of applied science where creativity, innovation and design play major roles.

Evolutionary biologist Professor Armand Marie Leroi charts the scientific endeavor that brought about the triumphant renaissance of Darwin's theory.magazine has been continuously published since 1978, we are publishing some of the articles from the archives for historical interest, such as this.For teaching and sharing purposes, readers are advised to supplement these historic articles with more up-to-date ones suggested in the Related Articles below. Darwin coined the term “survival of the fittest.” Darwin was the first person to theorize evolution as the origin of species. (Well, maybe not playing for the Yankees.) But, as with the Yankees myth we just created, the rest are also all false. The common mocking rhetorical question related to this one is “If evolution says we descended from monkeys then why are there still monkeys? These are just few of the common myths that are associated with Charles Darwin.This is a great chance to meet our staff and make friends with other students.

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