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If your PC has fingerprint scanner but it’s not appearing in Settings Sign-in options, it’s a good idea to visit your PC’s manufacturer’s website to download the latest version of the driver for your fingerprint scanner.

And if the fingerprint option is not being show under Setting Sign-in options even when the driver is installed, you can use the following directions to update your fingerprint scanner driver in Windows 10.

Installing the software is straighforward, download it here, run the installation program, and follow the instructions.

When first run (without any command line options) the program produces output similar to the following: Update Sophos v1.34 Copyright 2002-2003 Andrew Mc Lean ------------------------------------------------------------- Update Sophos comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Note that your PC must be connected to the Internet in order to setup PIN.

Also, when you haven’t setup PIN, you’ll see “You must setup a PIN before you can enroll in Windows Hello” message just above Fingerprint setup button. In other words, the Fingerprint section will not appear if there is no fingerprint scanner in your PC or if the correct fingerprint scanner driver is installed.

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Due to this, I am assuming that these settings are proper.The source location in as defined in the software points to the following web page (cropped as I cannot see the full location): Update/CIDs....The secondary location is just defined as, "Sophos".That is, setup PIN to see fingerprint setup button.If you’re sure that you’re using a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10, please go through our use PIN to sign in to Windows 10 guide for step-by-step instructions to setup PIN on your PC.The "Post-Installation Configuration/Integration" section of the guide covers many of the configuration options that become available once activation is complete.

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