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This is particularly true for high-visibility products, such as the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and the restaurants we choose.As humans, it is natural to feel that if we make poor choices, others will think less of us.I find it coincidental that right about the time that the world started going crazy (early 80s) is when the disinformation effort also kicked in.

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This is a list of the breweries currently operating in the six states of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland which formerly comprised the DDR. A reasonable commercial interpretation of the style; like chewing treacle toffee. Description: City centre brick building, next to the main cinema. Large U-shaped bar with wooden floors, numerous levels, raised seating areas with partitions. Tel.: 038378 / 61 420 E-Mail: [email protected] 2004 Annual production: Brewpub on the island of Usedom. Pepper, vegetable, smoke and citrus aroma; bitter taste with smoke and citrus aromas; bitterish finish with grass aroma. Pepper, spice and basil aroma; bitter taste with pepper, malt and hop aromas; very bitter finish with pepper and spice. Hop and vegetable aroma; bitter taste with cabbage and grass aromas; bitter finish with hop, resin and grass aromas. Grass, malt and vegetable aroma; sweetish taste with malt and caramel aromas; bitterish finish with caramel , hop, cardboard and dust aromas. A bit of a dodgy aroma and some stale hop flavours. Caramel, cream and malt aroma; bitterish taste with cream and liquorice aromas; bitter finish with coffee and chicory aromas. Biscuit, grass and fruit aroma; sweetish taste with cream, fruit and honey aromas; bitterish finish with biscuit and butter aromas. The style is a bit vague - it's a rather weak for a Märzen and too dark for a Spezial. Cardboard and dust aroma; bitterish taste with dust aroma; bitterish dusty finish. Caramel, pear, peardrops and raisin aromas; very sweet taste with caramel, fruit and pepper aromas; bitterish finish with apple aroma. Pleasantly fruity, but too sweet without any balancing bitterness to be really good. There are two product ranges: the corporate Oettinger brands and the more obviously Thuringian St. The popularity of its Schwarzbier has caused a revival in the style and many breweries in Thüringen and Sachsen have introduced versions. Mhlhausen, with its virtually intact city wall and ancient houses, is one of the prettiest towns in Thüringen and well worth a visit.

At a time when in Germany as a whole beer ouput is declining, the only states to have shown any growth are in the East. An interesting beer that is impressively tasty for its strength.

In the year 2000, production was back up to around 20 million hl. Tel.: 038378 - 670 Fax: 038378 - 67 100 E-Mail: [email protected]: Founded: 1997 Annual production: Brewpub in a seafront hotel on the island of Usedom. Tel.: 038308 - 2171 Fax.: 038308 - 25527 E-Mail: [email protected] 1998 Annual production: ca. Tel: 038 308 - 5540 Fax: 038 303 - 55490 E-Mail: [email protected] Founded: 2000 Annual production: Brewpub on the island of Rgen. Hop, pepper, spicy and citrus aroma; bitterish taste with pepper and butter aromas; bitterish finish with grass and butter aromas. It has a good balance of malt and hop flavours, with satisfyingly hefty whack of hops at the end. Hop, wood and citrus aroma; bitter taste with dust, butter and grass aromas; bitter finish with dust and resin aromas. Tel.: 036878 - 2760 Fax: 036878 - 27612 Email: [email protected] Founded: 1400 Annual production: 20,000 hl (2001) Pils.

Unsurprisingly, many breweries were unable to survive such drastic developments and there were many closures in the early 90's. The home-brewed beer can be served with fruit or cherry juice. Slightly pale for a Schwarzbier, but packed with roast flavours. For a time in the 1990's the wort was shipped in from elsewhere. Tel.: 03643 - 850366 / 67 Fax: 03643 - 850368 Founded: 1990 Annual production: 1,500 hl Brewpub. Just a shame only one of the three DDR-period breweries remains. Tel: 036949 - 29716 Fax: 036949 - 29721 Founded: 2000 Annual production: Brewpub. Given the lack of mention of beer on their website, I suspect they Amber lager.

With the rekindling of interest in local products in the East, the situation has considerably improved since. Very pale yellow colour with an uneven, large-bubbled head; metal, tobacco and grass aroma; bitter taste with grass, resin and pepper aromas; bitter finish with tobacco, resin and pepper aromas. The beer, which it was never wise to leave lying around very long in the DDR days, has definitely improved in quality. Caramel, malt and flowers aroma; bitter taste with hop, pepper and malt aromas; very bitter finish with pepper and wood aromas.

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