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They survived Harry's defeat of Voldemort 5 months previously and Harry's move to New York after the defeat to start his career as an artist while Ginny stayed in England to continue her education to learn to be a Healer. Just tell me.""Okay but you really won't be happy.""As long as it's not Harry I will be fine."Ginny inwardly flinched. They also survived 7 months of a long-distance relationship, and a whole year of keeping the Big Secret of their relationship a secret by lying to their friends and family. Hermione went to make tea while Ginny sat on the couch and stared at the fire. "It's Harry.""I don't know who I should be angrier with you or Harry. " she asked, pulling back far enough to look him in the eyes."Well," Harry said, "I think I am…"Ginny took him by the hand and lead him to a pair of chairs in a secluded corner.She didn't let go of his hand, which made Harry really regret what he was going to have to do very soon…"I mean, everything is so surreal," he said, wondering how exactly one was supposed to say the things that he had to say. "Look, I like you a lot, but I'm not prepared to stand up to your brothers. Not too bad in the kissing department, ok in the attention department, but not much else really."Sorry," he muttered, turned on his heel, and ran away. Only Ron and Hermione were sitting together, pretending to study. " Ginny asked her brother with an expression of innocence on her face. "And who gave you the right to decide whether or not it was suitable?They had planned to keep the relationship secret just until they knew if it would work or not but they didn't want to jinx a good thing by telling everyone so they kept it secret and now they felt as they had waited so long that just couldn't go and tell people a whole year after it had started.

Everyone who was close to him was concerned that Harry would slip back to the dark place he had gone when Sirius had died."Okay, I guess," he mumbled, his insides burning with guilt as he held Ginny close for a moment."You're sure?

Harry and Ginny broke up publicly at the end of HBP, but what about privately?

This is the tale of two teenagers, and their secret and sordid relationship!

Harry has a family, this is about that life, Harry Ginny romance a good romance story, about life in a wizarding world, for pure blood family's. Harry revolts against the Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry of Magic, and Voldemort. HPGWCOMPLETE When James Potter and Arthur Weasley are trapped by Death Eaters, they strike a bargain that has some unintended consequences. What with a Half Naked Flying Dwarf following her around, butterdishes and mashed potatoes forming conspiracies against her, and the eminent doom her eyebrows are facing, Valentine's is looking pretty shabby. In a fit of mad, passionate love, Ron and Hermione run away from Hogwarts and get married somewhere, possibly in Vegas.

Tonk's Remus LJ um mostly classics and a Potter dating a deather eater. Sixteen years later, Harry and Ginny find out just how binding that bargain is. Harry and Ginny switch places in time with Harry's parents, and this time, there's no Dumbledore to save them. Eternal Echo will most likely be posting them for me sorry for the inconveneince! Leaving poor Harry with no one to turn to but Ginny.

The couple was in love and had professed their love to each other just a few months ago. I don't have school or work so I'll spend the day lazing about on the couch watching the telly.""OK, if you're sure. Thoughts like how am I going to tell Harry and how will my family react were running through her head. You're not just sleeping around with random guys are you? At least Harry ha told me he was in a relationship. You didn't tell me anything though I did suspect you were "getting some," You were unusually happy some mornings."Then her eyes widened as if she just realized something.

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