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Courses graded with an “I,” “N” and “P” are excluded from the minimum credit hours required to be considered for the Honor Roll.I have a friend who dates only exceptionally attractive women.But James seems sleepy and distracted and doesn't give feedback because he doesn't read our writing. He is so great really, and it's easy to forgot he is famous he is so humble and talks to you as a peer.

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Alan Grant - unaware he had only traveled to Isla Nublar - into accompanying them to Isla Sorna to act as a guide, hoping he would be able to help them find her son.He's nice and he has good insight BUT he doesn't take the job all that seriously.Like the person below said, we got back papers with As and he clearly had not read them. How many opportunities will you get for a big name celebrity like him to teach you? Since he is a busy person, you will have to wait for ages before he gets back to you, so you probably would want to find the answer yourself.While he liked her personality, he felt that he’d never be sufficiently attracted to her, and that it was better to end things sooner rather than later.Some people would say these men are fatally shallow.Although it is never shown, Ron is physically scarred from the abuse received from his violent father, Pete, as shown when his mother asks him to lift his right arm up above his head, a task Ron clearly cannot do.

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